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INTEX Pool Saltwater Chlorine Generator Chlorinator - NEW

No more red, burning eyes, faded clothes, and pool liners! Simply hook the Intex saltwater generator into the pool's water flow as directed, add the specified amount of salt, and the Chlorine Generator will do the rest. The pool's water is converted to an effective algaecide - and since salt doesn't evaporate or dissipate as chlorine does, the constant addition of chemicals is a thing of the past. Keep your pool incredibly clean, crystal clear and fresh at all times.


  • Hooks into most above ground pool filter pump systems
  • Includes hose attachments and electrical cord
  • Touch-sensitive control panel allows users to pre-program operating hours
  • Flow sensor system alerts operator to adverse operating conditions
  • For use with 15ft and 18ft Easy Set pools and 15ft, 18ft and 24ft Frame Pools


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